This novel is the latest in KJ Rabane’s psychological thrillers, and one that features her very appealing sleuth Richie Stevens and his side-kick Sandy who work in the town of Lockford which, given its modest size, appears to be a place  that attracts more then its fair share of crime and unexplained happenings.  But that’s all to the good for the PI’s business and for readers too who will  find the setting and the investigative duo a very pleasing element in this the third of the novels that Rabane has used them.

In this latest, the  narrative technique ( several viewpoints) allows for a more sophisticated development of both plot and character. We see the mysterious and apparently inexplicable disappearance of Beresford Archer’s wife  in a range of different contexts and find ourselves constantly adjusting our own opinions as to her whereabouts, her character  and the reasons for her disappearance.  As her history unfolds and the lives of those who know her become more complex, we have to reappraise our own responses in a way that keeps us on our toes as readers and invites us to read on eagerly to find out if our hunch was correct..  The build- up of tension and the desire to solve the puzzle is reminiscent of Rabane’s hugely successful WHO IS SARAH LAWSON,, though this current novel seems to me to be overall more skillfully structured.

I thoroughly enjoyed  this book and read it at speed, and for those of you out there who are not as yet familiar with this writer, I urge you to try her novels.  And as for the UST between Richie and Sandy- will, we see any resolution in the next book?

What Happened To Piper Archer? (Richie Stevens Investigates Book 3)

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